First Norwegian “Frøken ur”,  Randi Brænne (1935).

Miss Clock

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We may not need her anymore, but she still exists. In Denmark and Sweden at least, “Miss Clock” is till possible to call. In Norway the service is no longer in use. “Fröken Ur” – this merging of (wo)man and machine – is the name of the telephone service installed in Sweden in 1934, which we have been so dependent upon to be able to tell the precise time, at least until recent times. Miss Clock is an investigation into this phenomenon, reviving lost voices of time, and enacting the machinery through human movement and voice.

With special thanks to Dag Unevik, former Televerket engineer, for invaluable assistence in constructing the ‘Miss Clock’ voice retrieval machine.

Shown as part of the lecture performance Miss Clock (and the Year is a Python…), at ‘ACTS – International festival for performative art’, Museum of Contemporary Art, Roskilde, 2014. Text by Anne Kølbæk Iversen


Detail recording, Norwegian (Bergen) Frøken ur, 1935.

ACTS 2014_20130614_foto_kristoffer juel poulsen_0451a

Concert of retrieved original Danish “Frøken klokken” voice recordings.