Will we discover life outside of earth?
Sandeep Krishna (Physicist, Bangalore)
How fast is the internet gonna be
Matthew Dougherty (Filmmaker, Bangalore)
Will the future feel like the future?
Hannah Heilmann (Artist, Copenhagen)
Will we still have printed books?
Jakob (Publisher, Stockholm)
Will access to internet be a civil right, with automatic connection for all?
Kajsa P (Freelance, Stockholm)
Which ideology will be the most popular among people around the world?
Asya Gorbacheva (video&music, New York)
What will be the capital of the art world?
Lauren (Curator, NYC)
what kind of new video technology will be avaliable?
Ella Schmidt (Artist, London)
Are the four seasons going to disappear?
Say (curious girl , NY)
will .mov and .mp4 files still work?
Omer (Artist, Tel Aviv)
who i marrid with?
mahsa (iran)
Will we still be using cell phones?
Michael (Student, New York)
Will we be able to go outside?
Allison (communicator, New York)
how changes the gender role?
mijung (nothing, seoul)
By the year 2022, will scientists have developed an enamel-based polymer tooth substitute that can be implanted into our gums after the loss of our baby teeth and will never decay or need to be brushed?
Jon (Questioner, Denton, TX)
Will Pixies be considered classic rock?
Freda (Student, New York)
Will the looming prospect of human bodies containing nanobots still frighten us? Would we be hackable? Would we care?
Nadine (artist, NYC)
Will I still fear HIV?
Richert (Designer, New York)
What will rule in China - the law or the power
Magnus Holm (Retired lawyer, Stockholm)
Do the children view the ocean waves as crashing bits of plastic waste instead of water?
lisa kirk (human, new york city)
Will our lives and work continue to hyperaccelerate?
Stefanie Hessler (curator, Stockholm)
If the adage, ”history repeats itself” is true, what will be reapeated? Will it be the ________ for once?
mB (artist/professor, TN)
Will AIDs become a thing of the past?
Adam (Optician, Brooklyn)
Will robots takeover and humans will be the new minority?
Shawn. A (Student , New York )
will i be alive in 2022
Tuesday (Artist, london)
Will our planet be able to sustain our expanding population?
Vanessa (Human, Brooklyn)
What is better for America’s gdp? Cancer or Guns?
Patrick (student , San Francisco)
Will we still be?
Livia (student, New York)
What will participatory engagement in museums look like in 2022?
Cris Scorza (Education Curator, Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego)
Will there be iPhones?
Anna (Art Student, Stockholm)
Have we reached peak oil?
Mia (Artist, Stockholm)
Will there be an air-automobile to travel through the city?
Neg (Artist, Houston)
What is contemporary?
Ali (Student, NYC)
Will art become totally integrated into everyday life, like graphic design and user interaction design?
Tina (art historian, New York)
What will Happen in the whole World?
Khoroos (Designer, Tehran)
Are we going to get rid of politicians?
Sina (Tehran)
How will the painting be?
Taha Heydari (Artist, Iran)
Will I achieve my dreams?
Nick Fromer (Diplomat, Salt Lake City, UT)
Will we be all androids?
Conxa Porcar (Valencia)
Do we need to learn chinese?
K. Charif (Rio de Janeiro)
Will the fastest man be unbeatable in 2022?
Catherine Lucchesi (Special Events, New York, NY)
Will the senseless shootings that have bloodied our souls from Columbine to Newtown be a distant flashback or a continuing nightmare ?
Steve Rossi (sad member of humanity, White Plains, N.Y.)
Will we finally have enough time to enjoy life on our own terms – and not just scramble to keep up with others?
Carren Pineda (Writer, Los Angeles)
Will Europe be back to war?
Andrea (Researcher, Philadelphia)
Will the euro still exist? Will the European Union?
Jason (writer, New York)
What will happen to Brooklyn?
C (gallery assistant, NY)
What do we call the future now?
Alex Eisenberg (Artist, London )
Will we have explored the centre of the earth?
Alex Eisenberg (Artist, London)
What will we be asking about, when we ask about the future?
Mia (Stockholm)
Will we still say we live in a transitional period?
Kim Bergström (Helsingborg, Sweden)
Will the Republicans swing more to the center?
Dale (Schoolteacher, Mesa, Arizona)
Will North and South Korea be united?
Armin (student, Belo Horizonte)
I wonder if pizza will still be considered bad?
Mr Lamborgiini (Baker, Napoli)
Do people take coffee to go?
Anna (New York)
Will I still be hungover or will it pass?
Bruce (dancer, around the corner)
What will make me happy?
Annie (art lover, Brooklyn)
Will we be able to handle the Truth?
Jack (actor, Santa Monica)
Will cheques still exist?
Ben (NYC)
Will there be any new fashion or are old styles coming back?
Emilie (student, Stockholm)
Are videos of cats popular?
Anna L (New York)
Will the illuminati have fulfilled their sinister plans to reduce the population by 90%, perpetuate their evil lives indefinitely through ”transhumanist” technological advancement, and keep the people of the world enslaved under a one world big brother fascist state?
Will people still work for money?
Natasha (NYC)
Will there still be nuclear power plants running in Japan?
Hiroko Tasaka (curator, Tokyo)
What if NYC will be a perfect clean city? Where should we go make dirty art?
Martina (Archivist, NYC)
Will gender still exist? Will it feel the same?
Laurel (curator, NYC)
What will be the ’equivalent’ of the smart phones in 2022?
Katja Aglert (artist, Stockholm)
Where will it be possible to experience a starry sky?
Katja Aglert (artist, Stockholm)
The Internet’s speed is going faster every year, but even though it is extremely fast it feels as if it is never quick enough and ultimately this generates anxiety. Will our metabolisms be affected by the anxiety of Internets´s speed? Eventually Internet will be faster than us, will our bodies have to adjust to the speed? For example digesting faster? Or will our eyes work faster?
Eduardo Navarro (artist, Buenos Aires)
Will people still take pictures with their cell phones of everything they eat/see/like/do?  
Julie Cirelli (journalist, Stockholm)
What will happen to the ocean?
Gillian (student, New York)
How will the internet change? Will we have the internet?
O'Kang F.A. Ruddock (artist, New York)
What will emoticons look like?
Brian (writer/translator, New York)
Will everyone still be a moron?
Angel (self-unemployed, NYC)
Will there still be such a big issue with gay rights in the world?
Lauren Bernardo (Research assistant, Philadelphia)
I’m curious about the future state of photography in ten years, with the rapid change in technology what will happen to our relationship with the still image? And will the physical object ”the photograph” become obsolete?
Jamie Diamond (artist, NYC)
In 2022 will the constituency of the US art world reflect the diversity of our overall population?
Susanna Coffey (New York)
Will there be a world revolution? What will be the revolution?
O'Kang F.A. Ruddock (artist, New York)
How will sex be like?
Elysa (go-go dancer, Queens)
In 2022, what will our sci-fi movies look like? And! will they be as good, better or worse than the ones we grew up with?
Sarah A.O. Rosner (choreographer/photographer, Brooklyn)
Will the world as we know it still exist? Will we face a post-apocaliptic landscape? Will agricultural living be back?
Julia (art historian, Spain)
Will you wonder, glorify, romanticize about our good old times of the late 20th century - early 21st century?
Elaine Angelepeulos (cultural translator, three point nomad)
Will anyone know how to rock and roll?
Digwar Stillwater (chaos coordinator)
Will we be able to garden in our apartments all year round, with seeds that can reproduce?
Jill McDermid (artist, Brooklyn)
What is the mode of travel - car/gas or car/electric?
Tony Stanzione (builder, Brooklyn)
Since I am 10 and I will be 20 ten years from now, I will be in a doctors school where I will learn how to make patients feel better all around the world.
Emily O (student, New York)
How would people celebrate 2/22/22?
Kenny (architectural designer, New York)
Will there still be albums that collect songs? Will the word ’album’ still be significant?
Lorenzo C (architect)
Will there still be animal species in 2022?
Rachel Gugelberger (Curator, NYC)
Who will be the most liked New York chef?
Peter J (editor, NYC)
Remember when cars used gasoline?
Jodie Lyn-Kee-Chow (artist, NYC)
Will it still be reasonably easy to find a bookstore? What percentage of the population will still buy books?
Sae Harshberger (pornographer, Brooklyn, NY)
In 2022 will we place less value on personal connections?
Adam (photographer, New York)
What is the most common cure for anxiety?
Julie Cummings Sengle (coordinator of special projects, Brooklyn)
Will there still be prisons?
Alexis Bhagat (writer-curator-bookseller, Brooklyn)
In 2022, would we have walls still? What will Palestine be like?
Miriam (grad student, Brooklyn)
Will you have to bring a towel to the gym or will there be drying machines capable of drying a human being quickly and efficiently?
Mats Viktorsson (doctor, NY)
How advanced will be the knowledge of the brain?
Julie Martin (E.A.T, NJ)
Where will we be?
Justin Brunelle (electrician, NYC)
Will people still think Wales is a part of England? Or will our cultural, sporting and sexual prowess finally gain international recongnition?
Ben P (student, Aberystwyth, Wales (not England))
Will Puerto Ricans have a Cultural/Revolutionary Empire on Mars?
Elvis Irizarry (artist/art critic, Cabo Rojo, P.R.)
Will colors be important in 2022?
Liuba (performance artist, Italy)
Will the earth’s temperature increase as exponentially as the last 10 years, putting our population in danger?
Elise Wrabetz (photography student, Philadelphia)
What is the current status of footwear with wheels?
Andréa Huelse (scenographer, New York)
How will be situation in ULAANBAATAR city in 2022?
Tuguldur Yondonjamts (artist, Mongolia)
Will we all have dark eyes?
Jules Tran (student)
What will the gadget culture be like?
Julie Martin (E.A.T., NJ)
Is Korea united?
Jungmin Nam (designer, Brooklyn)
Will we live prefabricated lives?
Adam (artist, NYC)
Will the United States still be in Debt?
Will Cameron (sculptor, NYC)
Will humans have evolved to use a greater percentage of their brain in 2022 than the small capacity we generally access?
Rebecca Cunningham (Phd student/performance artist/curator, Brisbane, Australia)
Will people have stopped complaining all the time instead of proactively living the life they want to live?
Madeline Donahue (artist, NYC)
When do we get flying cars?
Steve Five (Brooklyn)
Will there be a cure for the common cold?
Katie (art historian, Brooklyn)
Will the Euro still exist?
Adwen (art historian, Brooklyn)
Will it be anywhere near ’Back to the Future’?
Christopher Fernandez (photographer, New York)
Will newspapers be out of print?
Jenna W (artist, New York)
Will this world still be here?
Aki (graphic designer, NYC)
In 2022, will the NYC subway system be updated?
Adam (NYC)
Will we still have ice cream and junk food?
Anna (United Nations, New York)
Is music going to continue to get worse and worse (i.e. Selena Gomez)?
Kristen DeGrazia (student, New York)
Will there be a war between China and the US, and on which side does Japan decide to stay?
Jiannan Liu (architect, Philly)
Is Kim Kardashian still famous?
Megan Ritchie (student advisor, NYC)
Will the world still be full of hate?
Anna (United Nations, New York)
Will there be no telephone set at home for each family since everyone will have his/her mobile?
Wenyu Jiang (architect, Oregon)
What will education in the US look like in 10 years?
Leah La Prate (research coordinator, Philadelphia)
Will there be traffic jams?
Mike M (project manager, earth)
Will people have to look up ’starvation’ on the internet to find out what it means?
Carly (Exit Art)
Who is the most well known musician and what is the genre called?
Roger von Reybekiel (artist, Stockholm)
If the materials of 2012 are stainless steel, aluminium, and plastic, what will the materials of 2022 be (and will the materials of the present seem quaint or dated?)
Leah (student, New York)
Who will be the big bulge bracket investment banks?
Shannon Aquino (student, Chicago)
Will we be able to ”chat” in the future as holograms?
Josef Bull (Artist, Stockholm)
Can airplanes run on wind power?
Amy (Free spirit, Stockholm)
Will we be as suspicious towards each other (towards ”strangers”) in ten years as we are now?
Malin Pettersson Ö–berg (Visual artist, Stockholm)
What has happened with the value of GOLD in 2022?
Sara Borgegård Älgå (jewellery artist, Stockholm)
What will move the freest – objects or humans?
Mia (Human, Stockholm)
In the future, are you still so obsessed with the future?
Kristoffer (student, Stockholm)
Can I have a speaker implanted in my fingers and talk on my ”hand telephone”?
Amy Ontiiiiii (Free Person, Stockholm)
Will more than half of the Swedish population own a drone?
Daniel Eskils (director, Stockholm)
In the future, will there be any polar bears?
Therese Kellner (freelance curator, Stockholm)
Will there be museums showing contemporary art or mostly temporary ”events”?
Therese Kellner (freelance curator, Stockholm)
Will people know how to grow plants? Will there be people living in the countryside?
Therese Kellner (freelance curator, Stockholm)
Will China continue to focus on environmentally friendly solutions in their 2022 five year plan?
Mirjam Johansson (freelance, Stockholm)
Will the revolution be televised? Will anything be televised? What will be televised? What will happen to the old television sets?
Mirjam Johansson (freelance, Stockholm)
Is there any hope left at all?
Liam (philosopher, Stockholm)
Have we forgotten ethics or do we praise it?
Frida Klingberg (artist, Stockholm)
Will there be another ”green revolution”, when people move out to the country side and become more aware about the environment?
Martin (secret occupation, Stockholm)
Will there be human DJ:s in the Future or will software take their place?
- (Stockholm)
Will I be a confident and happy person and in peace with the world? And – the rest of the world- will they follow?
Mirjam (freelance, Stockholm)
Will horses live and prosper? Will we eat dogs?
Thérèse Dyhlén (event&sponsorship manager, Stockholm)
Hur länge kommer man gå i skolan?
Dot (förskola, STHLM)
What will people laugh about?
Mirjam (freelance, Stockholm)
In 2022, will there be an apartment for me to rent in Stockholm?
Leo Nordwall (student, Stockholm)
Will people still go to the cinema in 2022?
Caroline Elgh (curator, Stockholm)
Is the very concept of a temporality of the future itself dependent upon a particular historical period?
Liam Sprod (philosopher, Stockholm)
What kind of device will we use to listen to music with?
Julie (journalist, Stockholm)
What’s the gagnam style of 2022?
Mirjam (free spirit, Stockholm)
Will Prince still be alive and will he still look young?
Mirjam (free spirit, Stockholm)
In what way has the world map changed? Does the EU exist?
Yuvinka Medina (coordinator, Stockholm)
We won’t have girls/boys departments for kids, right?
Yuvinka Medina (coordinator, Stockholm)
Will anything be unmeasurable in society?
Malin (book shop owner, Stockholm)
When land has become uninhabitable, will we live in the air or in the oceans?
Tobias Barle (communicator, Stockholm)
Will we be concerned with world peace - or just world safety?
Ron (writer, Stockholm)
In the 60’s, 3D was kind of popular, then it was not. And now it’s really popular. How popular will it be in 2022? And what about 4D/holograms?
M (documentary film worker, Stockholm)